clojurescript - Convert custom type into string



Given a custom datatype in Clojurescript:

(deftype Foo [bar])

I would like to be able to convert this type into a string using the str macro. The result of (str (->Foo "bar")) is always "[object Object]". Browsing through various docs and sources I found the IPrintWithWriter protocol that allows me to define a custom string representation. So the following extension is very close to what I'm looking for:

(extend-type Foo
  (-pr-writer [this writer _] (-write writer (str "test:" (.-bar this)))))

Indeed, when using (pr-str (->Foo "bla")) the return value is indeed the string "test:bla". However, the return value of str stays "[object Object]".

How can I supply a custom string representation of Foo for str instead of for pr-str?

1 Answer: 

ClojureScript's str uses Object.toString method of the object passed as its argument:

(str x) returns x.toString()

You can override this method for your Foo type:

(deftype Foo [bar]
  (toString [this]
    (str "Test: " bar)))
;; => cljs.user/Foo

(str (->Foo "x"))
;; => "Test: x"