excel - Highlighting adjacent cell ten business days (exclude holidays) after the date found in the cell beside it



I have been trying to work on this with conditional formatting for a couple of days now to no avail

I have made it so that every time a "FILE NUMBER" is entered the cell to the right in grey shows the date it was entered in dd-Mmm-yy (ex. file number is C8 date is entered in D8).

Now what I need is a macro or conditional formatting that will highlight the "Motion" (B, E...) and "FILE NUMBER" (C, F...) cells in red when 10 ***business/work days have passed from the initial date entered in the corresponding grey cell (D, G, J...).

I wanted to use WORKDAY, but the cells are filled at random dates so I don't know what the start date would be. It's not a project with a duration. I want to use today, but it doesn't incorporate workdays.

Please help! Thank you!

1 Answer: 

If you have the date you want to use as time=0 in D8, and the cell you want to format is C8, then select C8, and add a Conditional Formatting -> Use a formula to determine which cells to format and enter the formula =TODAY() > WORKDAY(D8,10).


  1. Using relative references in the conditional formatting (e.g., D8 instead of $D$8) allows for using the same condition for an extended range, specified under Conditional Formatting -> Manage Rules -> Applies To. You might need to select absolute referencing for columns ($D8), rows (D$8) or both ($D$8; unlikely), depending on your needs. You may also need to define several Conditional Formats. Check this and this.

  2. You might need to change the number -10.