How about Apple’s enterprise distribution iOS apps



I have a iOS app use the account A.

My client gave me an enterprise account B for In-House distribution.

I'm not allowed to revoke their existing certificates and they do not provide .p12 and .developerprofile.

I called the apple center and they told me NO .P12 key can also publish procedures but did not told me how to do.

My E-mail have joined the team, I create a new app id and a provisioning profiles but the provisioning profiles is error in my Xcode.

error message:The private key for "XXX" is not installed on this Mac.

My question: I just want to release .ipa for in-house type how to do? thx!

2 Answers: 

You will need to p12 (private key) form the client or revoke the current profile. There is not other option. Do not revoke any provisioning profiles for current apps since they may used.

Also explain to the client what you are doing and the consequences that it may have, if they are not able to provide you with the necessary certificates.


You generate a Certificate Sign Request (CSR) from your Keychain, login to your developer account and choose your client's team.

You then create an enterprise certificate which will have to be approved by your client's team manager. Once that is done you will be able to download it and install it on your keychain.

After that generate a provisioning profile for the app you want to distribute, download and install it on Xcode.

Build your app with this certificate and save the IPA for enterprise distribution.