codenameone - iOS Build Server Issue



I'm facing an issue with Codename One Build Server
Since today, i can't build no more app with the new version of xcode
Everytime it throw me en error (specified here : )
I've tried to generate a new certificate by Certificate Wizard but the problem remains.
For instance , i've set build target to iphone_old and it works but i would this problem be resolved until the 3.6 release :)
Thanks for help

1 Answer: 

The log expired by now but we discovered another problem with the xcode 7.x migration that might be relevant.

It seems that older versions of the google maps cn1lib triggered build errors. I suggest deleting the current cn1lib and the related ios.*/android.* build hints then reinstalling from the Codename One Settings extension manager.

If this isn't the case what cn1libs are you using?