CodenameOne with Eclipse: send Android build failed



when i try to send my app for Android build i get this error from console:

Buildfile: /run/media/giuseppe/KINGSTON/_Sviluppo/Android/iPhone-WPhone/_codename_projects/MadonnaDiFatimaTrapani/build.xml



jar: [echo] Compile is forcing compliance to the supported API's/features for maximum device compatibility. This allows smaller [echo] code size and wider device support [copy] Copying 3 files to /run/media/giuseppe/KINGSTON/_Sviluppo/Android/iPhone-WPhone/_codename_projects/MadonnaDiFatimaTrapani/build/tmp [copy] Updating the file: /run/media/giuseppe/KINGSTON/_Sviluppo/Android/iPhone-WPhone/_codename_projects/MadonnaDiFatimaTrapani/CodeNameOneBuildClient.jar [copy] Updating the file: /run/media/giuseppe/KINGSTON/_Sviluppo/Android/iPhone-WPhone/_codename_projects/MadonnaDiFatimaTrapani/lib/CLDC11.jar [javac] Compiling 1 source file to /run/media/giuseppe/KINGSTON/_Sviluppo/Android/iPhone-WPhone/_codename_projects/MadonnaDiFatimaTrapani/build/tmp [javac] Updating the file: /run/media/giuseppe/KINGSTON/_Sviluppo/Android/iPhone-WPhone/_codename_projects/MadonnaDiFatimaTrapani/lib/CodenameOne.jar [javac] error: error reading /run/media/giuseppe/KINGSTON/_Sviluppo/Android/iPhone-WPhone/_codename_projects/MadonnaDiFatimaTrapani/lib/CodenameOne.jar; error in opening zip file [javac] 1 error

BUILD FAILED /run/media/giuseppe/KINGSTON/_Sviluppo/Android/iPhone-WPhone/_codename_projects/MadonnaDiFatimaTrapani/build.xml:147: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.

Total time: 2 seconds

Are my jars corrupted? because i had installed zip editor plugin. Thanks

1 Answer: 

This is probably because of a bad update in the new Update Client Framework.

Try running update client libs which you can launch via the right client Codename One -> Codename One Settings -> Basic form.

I'm assuming you are using the latest 3.8.3 plugin.

If you understand how this state was reached it's probably worthwhile filing an issue on that with a way to reproduce.