unity3d - How to create Augmented Reality Web app using Unity & Vuforia?



I am developing an Augmented Reality app to be integrated into a website using Unity.I need to take output in WebGL. I am using Vuforia to create AR experience. Since Vuforia is not supported with WebGL, i am not able to build. Please suggest an alternate method or how to do Augmented reality in Unity for Web. Is there any alternative to Vuforia?

1 Answer: 

The good news is yes, you definitely can build an AR experience on the web!

The bad news is that none of the current libraries built for doing so offer a Unity plugin.. Meaning you'll either have to create a wrapper, do some complicated RPC call to talk to the JS library via Unity, or completely scrap Unity altogether and use only the library. To my knowledge, the best browser-based AR library is AR.js. I know this isn't the answer you were hoping for, but I hope you're able to achieve your goals. Good luck!