unity3d - Integrate Vuforia, fast CV and Unity plugin



I really interested to develop and app with AR (Augmented Reality) using Vuforia and Unity plugin because I just want to develop once for Android and iOS, but I really want to take advantage using fast CV, which allow facial recognition for Vuforia, but I'm not very sure if it's possible to integrate, what about this recipe?:

For just one develop for iOS and Adnroid, use: - Vuforia + fast CV + unity plugin

Has anyone tried it before? would be it possible?

Thank you

2 Answers: 

Facial recognition is (already) available through a number of other SDKs. Particularly, many have been able to integrate with Unity already. Just do a simple search, you'd find:

Magnus' tech demo FaceTracker Plugin



Edit: also iOS natively provides facial recog and tracking that you can plugin to use with Unity


Not sure if it would help if this is time sensitive but metaio's sdk (also usable with unity) will be including facial recognition next year.