Unity Vuforia custom image target at runtime



I am new to Unity and I have a question.

Right now I am using Zxing to read a QR-Code in Unity. Getting the information from the QR-Code works fine, but I want my application to show a plane 2D-Sprite right next to that scanned QR-Code. Of course this QR-Code should be tracked so the Sprite is always shown right next to that QR-Code. The QR-Code changes after time to offer new information, the Sprite should change as well.

So my question ist: how do I track this QR-Code in runtime and show a 2D-Sprite next to it? any ideas?

I think i could use ImageTarget / User defined ImageTarget.

If anyone could help me, that would be awesome!


1 Answer: 

In order to use Vuforia for this, you must have the exact QR code's image in the form of a Vuforia target. The Vuforia dataset you are using (generated via the Target Manager) must contain the specific QR codes you want to use. If you do not know them in advance, you can write a mechanism to download new datasets from a server during runtime and apply them. This is your main problem. Other than that, you will need to use Vuforia's Image Target integrated with Zxing. Perhaps this can help with that: Unity Zxing QR code scanner integration