unity3d - How to set up multiple image targets (not necessarily simultaneously) with vuforia and unity?



I can setup a project in unity using vuforia with a single image target displaying a single 3D animation.

I've also seen a few tutorials on how to set up a project in unity with vuforia to track up to 5 image targets simultaneously.

How can I set up a project in unity using vuforia with multiple (up to 100) image targets that won't be tracked simultaneously? I want to display 100 different 3D images using 100 different image targets.

I know how to create an image target database but how to show a different 3D model for each different image target?

1 Answer: 

There is no difference between tracking 5 targets and 100 targets. All you need to do is adding 100 ImageTarget prefabs to your scene and then 100 different 3D models under each ImageTarget. It will be painful, but it will work.

You can also look at the Cloud Recognition functionality in this scope and of course on MultiTarget prefab.