unity3d - Unity/Vuforia: No WebCam Profile



I am using the same computer and unity project, but suddenly today my AR Camera isn't showing me the webcam feed. I am getting the following error:

enter image description here

My web cam works fine (checked from the driver software). Also the webcam deviceName (the type of webcam) is in the profiles, which it mentions from the error message.

* I think the error might be in the path Vuforia is looking. In the error message its saying Assets\Editor/QCAR (not: Assets\Editor\QCAR) * ... This being said I have not idea how to point it in the right direction as I can't edit the Web Cam Behaviour Script ...

Has anyone come across this before?

NOTE: am using Unity 64 (but this was not a problem before!)

1 Answer: 

Downloading and opening in Unity 32-bit solved the problem. Still if anyone has an idea of why the error was there in the first place, please do comment