unity3d - How to embed/integrate a Vuforia Unity 2017.3 build OC iOS project into Swift iOS project as a framework



I met some tutorial which introduces how to integrate legacy Unity exported iOS project into Objective-C iOS project. Like:

However, some of these tutorials are merge and hybrid two iOS projects into one, not a framework.

Is there a solution to integrate Unity build iOS project as a framework of a Swift iOS project?

1 Answer: 

I'm pretty sure you can't export a Unity project as an iOS framework. Your only option is to do the following:

  1. Use this method to integrate your Unity build into an iOS project as a subview (it works for 2017.3.0f3! tested it myself)

  2. Create an iOS framework out of the UIViewController containing the Unity view (this SO answer explains how to instantiate the VC from the framework)

That way, instead of getting a hybrid of two projects, it's one project integrated within the other as a framework