ios - Vuforia display video that was downloaded from the internet



I need to develop an app, that uses Vuforia cloud recognition of object, and then display a video on top of that object. This video file needs to be downloaded from the internet from separate web service, using recognized object identifier. I was looking at Vuforia samples, and was able to configure Cloud Recognition to use correct target manager database - objects are recognized correctly. But I don't know how to do, so that after discovering this object, I would display an loader view, and when video is ready to play, then display this video. I don't know where and what to update in the code. I only found that some local dataset can be used, but I can't use local dataset, because videos I want to display, are supposed to be downloaded from the internet after detection. Can someone direct me, where in Vuforia examples I can update what is shown on the target?

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Vuforia cloud is only for markers.

As per your requirements 1. You need to use iOS code to download the video. 2. After that you have to show that video using AVPlayer.