camera - ARKit : Setting custom origin for ARWorldTracking Session



Whenever I start my Camera with ARWorldTrackingConfiguration and run the session, the initial origin would be exactly at the point where the camera is located with respect to the world.

let configuration = ARWorldTrackingConfiguration()
self.sceneView.debugOptions = [ARSCNDebugOptions.showFeaturePoints, ARSCNDebugOptions.showWorldOrigin]

However, I need origin to be at the custom location to start the AR experience. Would it be possible to modify the origin after starting the session?

Let's say I want origin to be at the place where the marker is located. Can I shift the origin to the center of the marker?

1 Answer: 

You can't change the world origin to a specific place. You can only reset the whole tracking, options: .resetTracking)

It'll reinitialize all of the tracking that's going on and your camera position will start out again at 0, 0, 0.