unity3d - Vuforia 6.5 in Unity 2017 Camera open



I am using Vuforia 6.5 in Unity2017.2, but everytime I play my scene my camera opens up. Although I have deleted all files of vuforia, but after playing a new folder comes up "Resources" and in that I see "VuforiaConfiguration. I have attached the screenshot.

After Playing Main Camera got Vuforia Scripts

2 Answers: 

In Unity go to File -> Build Settings -> Player Settings (make sure Android is selected) -> XR Settings then uncheck the Vuforia Augmented Reality Supported. Save and restart Unity.


To solve this problem , I intentionally added Vuforia Behaviour on Main Camera and disabled it, i.e Uncheck it. Below is the screenshot. This trick will not enable ARCamera on that Scene.