android - Two 3d models on one image tracker



I am developing an Android AR aap on Vuforia Qualcomm SDK, for which I have to do animation in which one model jumps and sticks to another model, something of this sort. This has to happen on the marker whenever the app detects one.

I have two questions:
1: What tools should be used to Animate for the models, just like shown in the video.
2: How to render two models on one marker (Target) viz. Heart and Teddy just like in the video.

Any clue or links would be of great help. Thanks in advance.

1 Answer: 

This video shows it is possible. If I understand correct, when the webcam (and code) spots the marker, it will create an object (like the dragon from the video or the heart from your example). If that object contains an animated object, and you've ticked Animate on create (or something like that, I can't start Unity at my work so I'd have to check later), the animation will start. I guess that is what you asked in the first point. If not, elaborate it. You don't ask what you want as goal. You want to animate your objects? You want to animate your objects on start? Do you want to place your objects with an animation on the marker?

For the second part, you can see in the video that an ImageTarget object is being used. In there, he placed an animated object (the dragon) and a second object, the flames. In your case, you can add the Heart-object and the Teddy-object to the same ImageTarget.