unity3d - Unity minimizing app size



I am working on a unity project using vuforia and the vuforia video playback. The project involves adding a lot of mp4 files directly into the project directory because the vuforia video playback needs a local path to the video. The unity project is now up to 3.2 GB, and I just started development. Are there any ways to combat this issue of this app potentially getting way too large?

2 Answers: 

I recommend storing your larger files in an Asset Bundle. Asset Bundles allow you to store your content online, and download it when necessary (once opened after install, or after the user has paid for the content). You can access your assets locally using the Asset Bundle directory:

Application.dataPath + "/AssetBundles/" + assetBundleName


Compress the files as much as possible until you see some visible quality drop. You just need to find the best combination of video resolution and audio / video bit rates.