opengl es - Android - Changing 3D model on Vuforia



How can I change the 3D Modelo on Vuforia? Now I'm viewing the Teapot of the samples, but I want to change it.

I've read this posts on the official forum:

How to render Static 3D Model

Replace 3D model

Customizing 3D model

But I haven't gotten success.

If I make a custom object with the arrays with obj2opengl and I create a new class for this new object, Android Studio shows me an error like "Too much code" in a file, and I can't compile the app.

I think that reading the arrays of .obj 3D from a file may cause a runtime overload.

Any idea to render any other 3D model? I'm going crazy

1 Answer: 

hi u should download or buy 3D MODEL from net and attach them to unity asset in project then drag them to scene and use