Load-testing django application using Jmeter



I am a newbie in web-development and am trying to use Jmeter for doing load testing on our site. I have some very basic and stupid doubts regarding Jmeter and how to analyze its results.

I want to analyze the following parameters of our site.

  1. Response time under load - The average duration of a Web surfing Session.
  2. Capacity - Total number of successful urls calls per second measured over all users.
  3. Stability - The percentage of failed web surf sessions ,measured over all users.

I have checked all the listeners of Jmeter, they do not give all these graphs.
How do i get them?
Will i have to write scripts for them?
Are these parameters sufficient to describe at least the basic functionality of load testing?

1 Answer: 

Both 1 and 2 you can get from the JMeter Plugins project, the 3 - from jmeter's default Summary Report:

  1. Response Times Over Time
  2. Response Codes per Second
  3. Summary Report, "Error %" column