JMeter performance testing with concurrent users 100



I want to test JMeter with 100 concurrent users and for 1 hour with 1 request in HTTP request.

PFB configuration of JMeter.

No of threads-100
loopcount fore ever
start time-2015/11/26 10:36:00
end time-2015/11/26 11:36:00
startup delay-0

Whether JMeter hit all 100 users in concurrent . or else I need to change any configuration.

PFA images for additional details.

HTTP request

Thread group details

1 Answer: 

It's not clear in your question that what problem are you facing, So please be more specific.Let me guess about your problem.

Concurrency means "All the users are doing the different activity at the same time".

Do not get confused by the term between "Concurrent users" and "Simultaneous Users".These two are not the same.

Simulations users mean all the users are doing the same activity at the same time.

To clear the concept about "Concurrency" and "Simultaneity" you should go through this article.

So if you want to reach concurrency for those 100 users it will depend on your Test Scripts too.

In above test 100 Threads will be concurrent when the Ramp up time=1 second is reached.

If you want to monitor concurrent users at any given time, you should use Active Threads Over Time listener.