performance - How can we measure the Server Processing Time,Page Loading Time,Page Rendering Time and Page Size from Apache Jmeter



How can I measure the following points

  • Server Processing Time
  • Page Loading Time
  • Page Rendering Time
  • Page Size

from Apache Jmeter?

Is there any suitable listener to measure all these points?

2 Answers: 

With aggregate report Or csv / xml results you get nearly all the infos you can regarding response times BUT:

  • Server Processing Time: you cannot get this one as jmeter act on client side it includes network time, so you need to add some profiling data or look at access logs
  • Page Loading Time : if it's page response time yes
  • Page Rendering Time : no as jmeter is not a browser, furthermore rendering occurs on client side so what interests you in load testing is time to get response.
  • Page Size: yes

I suggest you read:


Philippe M.

Server processing time = time to first byte - request sent
Page loading time = time to last byte - time to first byte
Page size = Response size

Page rendering time - you'll have to use GUI testing tools for this one.
  Chrome has Ctrl+Shift+i > Timeline tab
  Firefox has Firebug > Net tab.

See here for more info on these phrases mentioned above.