testing - wanted to know how to load test in jmeter or any other tool to test login page with multiple logins at the same time



want to know step by step process in jmeter to test multiple users logging in at the same time . please help me with that . I am a beginner

2 Answers: 

For login event simulation it should be enough to:

  1. Record the login via HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder
  2. Add HTTP Cookie Manager to your Test Plan
  3. Perform correlation of the dynamic parameters if needed. See How To Use JMeter For Login Authentication article for details.

For ensuring that all the login requests are executed at exactly the same time:

  1. Add Synchronizing Timer to your Test Plan (better as a child of the Login HTTP Request)
  2. Make sure that you provide enough virtual users on Thread Group level

It seems to me that you need to go through some basic jmeter tutorial. Try this one or any other from your favourite search engine.