performance testing - Data entry through Jmeter not reflected in UI of application



I'm using Jmeter to perform load test on Moodle application

I followed the below steps to replicate a simple "add company " test scenario

1: Recorded the browser actions through HTTP Test script recorder and created a test plan with thread user of 1

2: Added HTTP Cache Manager,Added regular expression extractor for retrieving dynamically generated session for login HTTP request.

  1. For Http request of adding new company, addded user parameters containing new company name

  2. I run the test, everything seems ok in the view results tree- response section (response code: 200,response message:OK), all the required variables are passed in the HTTP POST

PROBLEM: New company added through Jmeter test is not reflected in UI of the moodle action Can any of you please let me know Is there something I could be missing or anyway I can debug the problem?

P.S: I'm new to Jmeter and looked around a lot for data inputted through Jmeter not being displayed in the UI of the web application,dint find useful results.

3 Answers: 

The answer to questions of this sort is almost always that you missed some necessary dynamic value besides session ID which you did catch.

An HTTP200 response just means the server returned a "good" response. Which could also happily contain an error message.

I would check the actual html body of the returned response for any errors. Checking the log on the server side can give you clues to what went wrong sometimes. You should also try adding a cookie manager.


Run your test with 1 virtual user in GUI mode with View Results Tree listener enabled and inspect responses to see where your scripts fails. My expectation is that you simply cannot log in.

See Moodle-JMeter-LoadTest.jmx file for reference, it uses XPath Extractor to get session key and course id.


I don't think you can test using JMeter. Try JUnit Test cases instead