performance testing - Why server CPU usage reaches to 100% with only 25 concurrent users?

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I have simple html page with two input fields no css, design nothing. Page size is 134KB. In my performance testing test case I am only trying to load page with 25 concurrent users all hitting at once. I have performed test with both Jmeter and Junit(multithread). The server CPU usage reaches to 100% when all threads are up. Is this a normal behavior? or is it an issue? Why does it happen? I have replicated same scenario with another page on same server and CPU usage is same. With 10 concurrent user CPU usage is 30 to 75%. I am new to performance testing.

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its normal and depends on the server RAM/Cores, if it is simple static site , enable static file caching, specify the stack you are using , so that you can get the steps to do so.