Javascript split regex question



hello I am trying what I thought would be a rather easy regex in Javascript but is giving me lots of trouble. I want the ability to split a date via javascript splitting either by a '-','.','/' and ' '.

var date = "02-25-2010";
var myregexp2 = new RegExp("-."); 
dateArray = date.split(myregexp2);

What is the correct regex for this any and all help would be great.

6 Answers: 

You need the put the characters you wish to split on in a character class, which tells the regular expression engine "any of these characters is a match". For your purposes, this would look like:

date.split(/[.,\/ -]/)

Although dashes have special meaning in character classes as a range specifier (ie [a-z] means the same as [abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz]), if you put it as the last thing in the class it is taken to mean a literal dash and does not need to be escaped.

To explain why your pattern didn't work, /-./ tells the regular expression engine to match a literal dash character followed by any character (dots are wildcard characters in regular expressions). With "02-25-2010", it would split each time "-2" is encountered, because the dash matches and the dot matches "2".


or just (anything but numbers):


you could just use




Then split it on anything but numbers:


or just use for date strings 2015-05-20 or 2015.05.20


Say your string is:

let str = `word1

You want to split the string by the following delimiters:

  • Colon
  • Semicolon
  • New line

You could split the string like this:

let rawElements = str.split(new RegExp('[,;\n]', 'g'));

Finally, you may need to trim the elements in the array:

let elements = => element.trim());