java - double quotes and the split method



I am trying to split a large String using double quotations "\"" as the delimiter. For some reason, the split method doesn't seem able to locate occurrences of double quotes in my String. Code:

    public void stripToDialog()
        String[] parsedContent = content.split("\"");//content has a very large String stored in it.

        for(String e: parsedContent)//When I print each element out, I only get the original String stored in content.

So what is going on? How come the split method can't seem to detect double quotes?

An example for my desired results for a dummy String of "\"hasta la vista baby\" - Arnold S." would be an array of Strings that looks like: {"", "hasta la vista baby", " - Arnold S."}

In case it matters, I read the original String from a txt file using a FileReader object.

1 Answer: 

I agree with the other posters, your quotes are probably fancy Unicode quotes.

I guess one fix might be to take your input string and replace all "fancy" quotes with regular ones.

content.replaceAll( "\\u0093", "\"" );
content.replaceAll( "\\u0094", "\"" );

You might want to take a look at this page to see what other quotes you might have to handle :